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How Bed Liners Compare

There are are a few different ways you could go to protect your trucks bed, drop ins and spray ons have been popular for years, as well as rubber mats. Wait really rubber mats have been a way for an extra hundred or so dollars that you could fix one of the most common problems with a Pendaliner drop in bed liner, or a Linex Spray on bed liner, which is that your cargo slides all over. It’s funny that’s the reason that DualLiner came into existence that these former leaders of the truck bed protection market had such fatal flaws and for whatever reason have decided to ignore addressing them. Well when opportunity knocks…

The following is a simple table showing how the DualLiner truck bed liner compares to other bedliners on the market today:

    How We Compare

DualLiner® – Tested Tough! DualLiner® Drop-in Liners Spray-in Liners
   No impact damage to bed YES YES  
   3/8" ZeroSkid® Floor YES    
   No loadguard or tailgate damage YES    
   No corrosion damage underneath liner YES   YES
   ZeroSkid® Surface YES    
   Cargo stays put YES    
   Complete access to tie-downs YES   YES
   Easy five-piece installation YES    
   Patented interlocking technology YES    
   Will not void truck‚Äôs paint warranty YES YES  
   Transferable to another truck YES    
   Custom fits to bed YES   YES
   No chalking, fading or peeling YES YES  
   Preserves original factory paint YES    
   Lasts as long as your truck YES    
   Real lifetime bedliner warranty YES    
   No hazardous chemicals YES YES  
   No OSHA installation regulations YES YES  
   No specialized handling or storage required YES    
   Ships in a box to your door YES    

The DualLiner took all of the best parts of the old style bed liners and addressed all of the most common bedliner problems to bring you the best do it yourself bed liner for sale now, the future of truck bed protection is here. With our Zero Skid rubber mat you cargo stays put, that means not only your bed is protected but also your cargo is being kept safe. The custom molded side walls fit securely to your sidewalls, load guard and tailgate, they are UV treated to make sure that they do not fade from sun damage, and you retain full access to your truck bed tie downs.

Most importantly your paint is actually protected! Don’t be fooled by the spray in installers, they actually ruin your truck’s factory paint to add their bed liner to your truck. There is no turning back once you go that route. The DualLiner Real truck bed protection system has a lifetime warranty, it is the only bed liner that ships to your door, and is the best bed liner out there today.

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